Philogeon (philogeon) wrote in gridpaperpoems,

The world isn't always pretty, and being pretty isn't always best in the world.

I am a coward and I know it, each praise for my action... just pushes my shame from inaction to haunt me more.

Good is not "good enough", some is more than none, but some can't repair the world... maybe all can't either, but I cry for day when I'm enough of a human to find out.

Now the poem:

I raped charlie,
    just as you did too.

I cry my failure,
    you pity her fate.

We watch for one night,
    tried to fix the world.

But the world won’t be remade in a day,
    nor hope found without help.

Each day a pledge to charlies,
    everyday to stop her rapes.
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